Riverside Foods takes great pride in our Produce Department by providing our valued customers with only the best quality produce and highest level of customer service. In 2005 we developed a partnership with Indianapolis Fruit Company, a full service provider of fresh fruits, vegetables and floral selections.

Indy Fruit is one of the leading providers of fresh produce in the Midwest, providing well over 4,000 fresh items daily including certified organic, certified kosher and locally/regionally grown produce and produce related items. As well as providing fresh products, Riverside Foods is your destination for natural juices, dressings, pre-made convenience salads and fresh cut fruit, jams as well as nuts and candies; the list goes on... .

The Riverside Foods Produce Team is highly knowledgeable and is here to help you with all of your seasonal produce needs, offering only the best products at their peak flavor and freshness with a true value focus. Simply ask any member of our team and they will help you pick out the perfect melon, fruit, or vegetable. We guarantee 100% freshness and we take pride in knowing that your produce selections will hold its freshness to enjoy with the entire family.

Be sure to stop by and meet Alex, our culinary melon carver, fruit and veggie tray creator, and produce expert. Ask him or any of the staff for a brochure highlighting all of our custom-made party trays and carved creations for your next gathering or outing.